Giveaway on Little Wellies!!!

Oh man, People! You have GOT TO CHECK THIS OUT! My first Etsy giveaway!

Christina from Little Wellies found my carriers on while back and wanted to do a giveaway on her blog. Christina has a new little one in her life – Bridgett. I love how she does such a great job of showcasing the new and lovely handmade goods that she finds. Christina has her own little shop as well, Little Wellies, where she has some really great little dresses. She does a spectacular job of picking some great colors and THERE ARE RUFFLES EVERYWHERE! I love it! My favorite is the Dock of the Bay dress – I love the polka-dots, and can’t you just see a little snuggly one out for a walk on a sunny summer day with this one? add an eyelet lace bonnet and you are GOLDEN!!!!

CUTE Polka Dots!

Dock of the Bay Dress by

So head on over to Little Wellies and take a look at what a beautiful job she does of showcasing handmade baby goods. Sign up for her giveaway (it’s TWO 37%-off Coupons for ANYTHING in my store, people!) And while you’re there, check out her awesome new blog design! It’s brand-new and super cute! just click on this handy-dandy little button right here and you’ll be taken over there.

and STAY TUNED, PEOPLE. Once this wedding is done and the Roommate is happily married off and on her way to sunny Mexico, there’ll be a major Shop update! Look for a new round of PeaPod baby carriers (with CUSTOM ORDER OPTIONS!) and my first round of maternity tops!


Tell me what you think!

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