so yes i’m back from outer space

First, let’s have a brief discussion on how I can’t take a normal picture to save my life. And about how much I love making s’mores (or “sch’mores”, if you will). And about how I can’t find a more recent photo either – I don’t have that hair color anymore. Oh well. I’ll try harder next time.

I’ve decided to start blogging again. Etsy had to take a back seat to finishing grad school, so now i basically only sew for myself and loved ones. what now for the blog? i’m going to go back to what i hope becomes a more regular schedule of blogging. maybe 2-3 times a week. we’ll see.

I’m moving into what I hope will be my final 5-6 months of my PhD training. This includes writing 2 papers (one I hope to finish by 15 September), finishing up two or three more cohorts of mice, watching a lot of videos of mice, writing my thesis, defending my thesis, and finding a new job. It’ll be a whirlwind, but I’ve decided there will be a pig roast at the end, so it’ll all be worth it. Oh yeah, and I’ll have my PhD as well. That’ll be nice.

I’m never content to be working on one thing, though. So interspersed between the above-mentioned activities, I’ll be keeping up with knitting and sewing and continuing to make my house my home. Current project: let’s learn some reupholstery! Pity I don’t have the before pictures, but i’ll post the ‘after’ shots when I get there. Oh, and did I mention I also want to be a wedding photographer? more on that another time, though.

the blog is going to go through a slight reorginzation over the next few weeks until i get it just right. I’ll be shuffling things around and playing with new layouts, so stop by and check it out occasionally!

For now I’ll leave you with this picture of Astrid, my little itteh bitteh kitteh, doing what she does best and a promise that i will not turn my blog into a blog of cat pictures.

itteh bitteh kitteh


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