Weck canning jars, more beautiful than the mason jar?

My dear friend Patricia is one of the most meticulous people I have met. She is also an artist, which might not be surprising, but this also means that she has appreciation for beautiful things to weave in and out of daily living.

Last winter, Patricia gave me my first Weck canning jars. I love these things, and their simple uniqueness reminds me so much of Patricia. The glass lids, sealed airtight with a rubber ring, are held on with beautiful little metal clips, and the lipped lids mean they stack well in storage!! I’ve not tried actual canning with these jars, but with my first garden coming up on tomato harvest time, I’ve been planning on making small jars of marinara or tomato sauce, a single-serving size for me who lives alone. I might have to look into the mini-mold jars – 5.6 ounces sounds perfect!

For now, i primarily use one of the 0.5 L deco jars to store my home-made strained (greek-style) yogurt. I love seeing the beautiful creaminess in this fun little pot-bellied jar when I open the fridge! I think i’m going to start a collection of these jars, to try and clean out my food-storage supplies of the disposable plastic storage i’ve got right now.



  1. Carrie R.

    So I tried canning last fall – it’s fun – and hot! I canned nearly 50 jars of pomegranate jelly – mostly for a beloved sister’s baby shower party gift. These jars look awesome and I hope it goes well for you! I want to hear how it all turns out!

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