making my house a home – a work in progress

August 21st (tomorrow!!!) marks my two-year anniversary of homeownership. This is my first house, and I’ve had a lot of fun putting things in order. I have visions of what i want my house to be, and i’m not quite there yet. When I first moved in, my dad refinished the wood floors, and I painted almost every room. But other than that, I didn’t do much. It’s been over this past year that i’ve been working my way up to really achieving my vision. For this post, I’ll show you the living room progress.

The living room, before:

The living room started out peach. awesome. err… But after the removal of the curtains, a coat (or three) of green paint, and my dad putting in the hard work of refinishing the floors, it looked like this…

livingroom_5 livingroom_4 livingroom_3

Much improved! That floor is beautiful, and I’m so thankful for his help! I added in wall art (courtesy of my former roommate) and some second-hand furniture, and the living room was comfy and cozy for living!

Though this isn’t my dream living room, it’s been more than serviceable and homey. But there are a more than a few things that I need to change. The upholstery on my furniture is somewhat disgusting – they are, after all, all second-hand. And being that I live in the northern hemisphere, the months of November through March get pretty dark, so I’ve decided it’s time for a brightening up in the living room. I’m thinking about painting all the walls white (or a tinted white) and refreshing my furniture upholstery and arrangement to make the room feel cozier but less cluttered and disjointed. I have GOT to figure out a better way to hide the plumbing access panel and liven up that big expanse of empty wall behind the short flowered chair!

With green and pink and brown as my upholstery colors of choice, I’d like to build a background of crisp whites with brown tones and perhaps a chair-rail and trim change-up to really brighten the room. BUT FIRST, I’ll finish up some changes to my furniture upholstery and chose my wall colors to highlight the new fabrics. One project at a time!



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