refinishing furniture with a retriever and a tennis ball

Mom and Dad were here last weekend to help me with some home improvement projects around the house, and MAN did we got a lot done. Mom even brought her painting clothes, so I put her right to work on helping with painting some furniture.

bedside table, before

I got an amazing deal on this at Saver’s a few weeks ago. The tag said $4.99, but apparently I lucked out and picked it up on the half-off furniture day! BONUS.

I like the stained wood look, but come on, people. Stained masonite? This puppy needed a good coat of PAINT to make it fit in with the new ‘guest room’ (i can’t believe i actually call it that) decor – a play on primary colors (teal, yellow, something red-ish or maybe avocado green or both and white).

I stared by sanding it down with 150-grit sandpaper. I like to use an old sanding sponge to hold the sandpaper – just wrap the new sheet around the sanding sponge and sand away!


this also makes it easier to get in around the edges of the paneling on the drawer and top – like here.


Of course, Signe wanted to help. And by “help” I of course mean she wanted to play fetch.

But I had WORK to do! Problem is, Signe didn’t agree.

HEY! I have a ball! and you can't keep playing with whatever it is that you are doing if my ball is in there. You see it there? My ball? It's right there!

Ok, so maybe if I move over here. Do you see the ball? It's RIGHT THERE! you KNOW you wanna throw it for me!

OK, so maybe if I sit here nicely, like a good puppy, you'll throw it for me?

So of course, I caved in and had to deal with this sort of thing for the rest of the time I was sanding…


I’d be upset about it, but she’s so cute and sweet that I just can’t stand it.

Back to business. This sanding was sufficient to remove the top layer of whatever finish was on the wood before and gave the new coat of paint a great surface to which to adhere. Mom took over from here! She sprayed it down with primer (spray primer is my new favorite) and let it set to dry for about an hour or two while she worked on something else. Then, she hit it with a coat of white Rustoleum Enamel.


I chose a glossy white oil-based enamel because I read somewhere (i wish I remembered where…) that painting furniture with latex paint was somewhat dodgy, as latex paint is prone to peeling, especially on old ikea bookshelves (more on that later…) And let’s be honest here, folks. One does look kinda hardcore when one shows up to work on monday with oil paint remains still on one’s hands. it’s all “I AM A HOME IMPROVEMENT WARRIOR” and stuff….

Anyhow, I’m so happy with the results! it’s all shiny and new-ish looking sitting in the ‘guest room’ now, waiting for its final positioning and ‘staging’, right? Stay Tuned, folks. I’ll be introducing you to the guest room in all its glory (both past and present) this weekend. Gotta paint the trim over the long weekend and put up some things on the wall and then it’ll be the first room that is D-O-N-E DONE in my house! Hurrah!

** if you’re real nice, I’ll take a picture of the bedside table all by itself tonight and update this post. but only if you’re nice.


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