Warning: unnecessarily cute puppy pictures contained within this post.

I don’t have kids. This is not a good reason to not have blog. I have a dog. You might have met her – her name is Signe. This is a great reason to have blog.


If you’ve actually met Signe in person, you know that she’s full of energy. Full to overflowing. This dog was MADE to run. The first ‘long run’ I took her on was 7 miles. I think she could have done another 7 miles. We have to find a lot of good energy-expending activities, or she gets whiny. Like a tired toddler. I’m not pointing fingers.


This is Fiona. Fiona has a similar problem as Signe, as in she is super-high energy. But while Signe’s saving grace is that she so desperately wants to please people (anyone who looks at her. For reals.) and she is therefore pretty amenable to training, trainability = not Fiona’s forte (not that she can’t learn! Her puppy parents, Connie and Mike, have done a GREAT job with her!) Fiona’s primary saving grace is that she is so adorable that it’s hard to get mad at her. Fiona also suffers from “big dog syndrome”, as in, even though she’s just 20 lbs, she likes to rule the dog park as if she is a 100 lb rottweiler!


*i’m not saying that Signe’s a saint. She’s not. She’s got an irresistible attraction to butter, chases the cat out of my bedroom in the middle of the night by springing off of my stomach with the force of a million elephants, and likes to give kisses to a fault. end note.*

So Connie and I have semi-regular puppy play dates. There’s running


(a lot of running),


wrestling (look at those hackles on Signe!)


and “HEY, COME PLAY WITH ME” nips like this –


and in the end, they are great puppy friends and it’s always wonderful to come home with a tired puppy…



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