Chacos and my pretty, pretty feet. A lesson in saving the planet.

pretty toes

Seriously. I love these shoes. I have lived in them for nigh-on NINE summers, dear hearts, which makes these one of the best investments I’ve ever made in terms of shoes. Yes. an investment.

And I have a tip for you, sweet readers, if you have a similar love for your $100+ sandals –

you can send your sandals back to chacos to get them repaired, people.

Seriously, when I found out about this, I was just about over the moon. the old soles (colorado, for those of you wondering) of my sandals wore out about 5 years ago and I was thinking about getting a new pair. So I went to their website to take a peek and found that it was possible to fix JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ON YOUR SANDALS.


For $40, I got a new set of Terreno soles. It was like having a new pair of shoes that i had ALREADY BROKEN IN. A-mazing.

Please go to their repair website if you’ve been thinking about tossing your chaco sandals because they are “worn out”. They can repair any of the straps (including LENGTHENING AND SHORTENING STRAPS, if that is your problem!) swap in a new buckle, or re-sole them for you. Do it in the fall or winter and you won’t even miss the sandals, either.

and aren’t my feet pretty? it’s amazing what a coat of paint and some heavy photoshopping can accomplish…

and for those of you who might occasionally get that ‘not-so-fresh-chaco-smell’ effect, check out their ‘get fresh’ link and CLEAN THOSE PUPPIES!


One comment

  1. ERICA

    hello. visit either on facebook or etsy. they make awesomely cute straps called “strapper keeper” to keep the long straps from flopping. and theyre cheap!

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