a small bit of thought for this morning

I am not a parent, but I did live with an early-childhood teacher for 4 years and (I think because of this) I do enjoy thinking about parenting and teaching styles. Perhaps this also has something to do with the fact that I think (on some level) training a puppy and training a toddler are just about the same thing. I’m not saying your child is a dog, I’m just saying that it’s a good thing that toddlers and puppies are both so stinkin’ cute sometimes, otherwise there would be no puppies or toddlers allowed out in public.


I am a neuroscientist and for however pretentious that might sound, it’s true and it significantly colors and shapes the way I look at the world around me. I work on disease-related aspects, but got my start in this field with some very basic developmental biology of neurons, one of the major cell types in the brain. I think the absolute best neuroscience experiment that I’ve been able to observe, though, is the first 18 months of my godson, B.Z.’s life. This child JUST KEEPS ON LEARNING NEW THINGS, and amazes me beyond belief with every single thing he does.

a gratuitous picture of BZ and the roommate, to keep you reading....

His parents, the lovely Jen and Peter, have done an awesome job with this kid. And since I’m the godbabymama (not godmother, i’m not properly catholic, so godbabymama seemed more appropriate) and the grandparents live 12 hours away from here, I’ve always taken it to heart that it is my job to spoil this child rotten. But Jen and Peter have lovingly pointed out to me that he needs discipline if he is going to grow up to be a super-successful person (which, by gum! he will be, darnit!!!).

So. we come to the point of this post. I came across this video and article this morning during my daily internet binge (on boingboing. go there and read some stuff. you will be entertained and enlightened). This is what I have been looking for – a perfect mix of “fun godbabymama rachel awesomeness” while also teaching the B.Z.

I’m also MOST CERTAINLY going to keep playing hide and seek with Signe’s daily rawhide treats. That pup really needs to learn some self-restraint…


Tell me what you think!

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