Woah. those are some great slippers, Mom!

I love to knit. I know it’s a surprise, but there, I’ve said it for all the world to hear!

Ok. Now that you’ve recovered from that SHOCKER, I shall introduce you to the first of many knitted things that you will meet on this bloggity blog. As many of you might also experience, I find almost all my crafty knitting inspiration via Ravelry. I can (and have) spent hours digging through all those patterns. And one that I found some years ago is for a beautiful pair of felted slippers by French Press Knits. I tried to make them once right away, but it was somewhat of a felting disaster.

But now that I’ve got a few more years of knitting experience (and one more felting experience) under my belt, it was time to try them for my mom’s birthday.

Yeah, I know it's only the one slipper, but that's because she was wearing the other!

SUCCESS!! There are many many many great things about this pattern, not the least of which is that they are worked on size 15 needles with worsted yarn held double, and I think, for my mother’s size 7/8, there were something like only 40 rows for each piece. These knit up FAST.

FPK slippers in situ

The construction details:

  • Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted, colorway Peacock, with a small amount of orange Rowan Kidsilk Haze for needle-felted l/r designation. I got the blue yarn at the greatest yarn shop on the face of the planet (or at least the face of wisconsin) – The Sow’s Ear, in Verona, WI.
  • Needles:  US15. I used some bamboo DPNs for this, because those are (for some reason?) the only size 15 needles I have…. Uhh.. why did I get those in the first place? what could I POSSIBLY have needed size 15 DPNs for?
  • Felting: I started felting these with a plunger and a pail in my kitchen. This woulda taken FOREVER to finish. So I gave the front-loader washing machine a try and it WORKED! I ran them through 5 ‘light’ cycles (no spin) with hot/cold water and a small amount of All Free&Clear detergent on three of those cycles.
  • Buttons: stash buttons that were a gift from the old LYS owner in town.
  • The grippies on the bottom (so mom doesn’t fall on her face while wearing the slippers): Glow-in-the-dark (that’s right.) puffy paint. Next time I’ll do dots instead of the zigs that I did on this one. But at least she’ll be able to find them in the dark…

And finally, because I love her and especially appreciate a good butt shot, here’s one of the outtakes from the slipper photoshoot.

Signe wants in on the knitting

Get down, Signe. Mom’s trying to knit.


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