I love to sew for babies. But only if they are cute.

There have been a few baby boys born into this world recently, and one of those was born a few weeks ago in Rochester. Oh man, this child is beautiful, but then again, what am I supposed to expect from equally beautiful parents?  These lovely parents of this beautiful child make my life a better life to live, and to welcome this child (who makes his parents’ life better just by being the beautiful child he is) to this lovely life that is waiting for him, I sewed him a hat.

the "he's all boy" cap

It’s the ‘He’s all boy’ pattern by this mama makes stuff. I love this little hat pattern!

Lining of "he's all boy" cap

It’s red flannel, and lined with some soft (and recycled) grey knit. The pattern recommends using men’s thrifted flannel shirts, and I love that idea. But the thing is that this flannel was on super-sale, and the red is fantastic, and I can make other things with the remaining (much more than) 1/3 yard I have left from the 1/2 yard I bought. So. there’s that. The only thing I changed on the pattern was to add a snap instead of a button on the closure. I just don’t like the button idea on a baby, because who knows whether this sweet little one’s mama will have to pull that hat off faster than a flash and buttons can be HARD to operate sometimes! I considered velcro, but in the end, a snap seemed to fit with the style better. so I added the snap.

LOVE the plaid flannel....

The pattern comes only in extra tiny (i.e. 0-3 months, or, for those in my family, far too small for any of us when we were born. My brother has an especially large head, and I once won the “whose head is the biggest?” competition in lab by over 3 cm.), so it’s perfect that this new little baby is a fall baby!  I hope it will keep him warm and cozy for at least a few minutes here and there when he isn’t in the immediate vicinity of his parents’ awesome wood stoves!

The construction details:

  • Red Flannel: super-sale snag at Mill End. I also got some great denim for $2.99/yard on the same shopping trip. Stay tuned for those awesome projects! Easing the flannel for the round portion of the cap was a little tricky because flannel sticks to itself so freaking well, but otherwise, I was pretty happy with this fabric!
  • Gray knit lining: A hand-me-up/down/sideways craft-supply donation from the old roommate. I think this was a Gap t-shirt, so OF COURSE that means that this little guy is well-dressed, right?
  • Snaps: I have an overabundance of metal snaps from a short-lived foray into the world of etsy. Maybe once I graduate, I’ll hike back over to etsy and use those several hundred snaps for what they were originally intended. And maybe that won’t happen. But I’d rather not close that door today!
  • Pattern notes: I like this pattern – she did a really good job of putting together an easy-to-follow tutorial, and though I like to frequently go off-task on tutorials I find online, I stuck to this one pretty closely for this first run-through. There WILL be more of these made, and not just for the baby boys that are being born around these parts. I’m thinking red is a good gender-neutral option for these….


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