I finally made my own bias tape the ‘easy’ way.

Cute, right???

I’ve made bias tape on a number of occasions before my little mini-vacation last month, but I’ve never done it the smart way before. See, I really like to iron stuff. Like REALLY like to iron. I don’t know why, perhaps its the order-making beauty of the process, perhaps its the meditative nature, whatever. I’ve ironed my bedsheets before when I was stressed. I felt much better afterwards.

And I’ve spent a lot of time ironing my own bias tape the HARD, finger-burning way. And it worked pretty well for me for several years, especially once I made the mental connection between the title “BIAS tape” and the idea of cutting the fabric on the BIAS to prepare said tape. Really helps, let me tell you.

I’ve seen several tutorials for making easy bias tape or quilt binding, including this, this, and this. And I bookmarked them all so that I would try them and make my life easier.

And now that I’ve ACTUALLY gotten around to doing it the easy way, I can’t believe I didn’t try it before!

The Construction Details

– Method: I used the BitterPurl tutorial, and aside from making the stupid mistake of sewing the fabric together WRONG sides facing, everything went as advertised. GENIUS.

Material: About half of a fat quarter purchased during a $1 fat quarter sale at the local Joann store. The other half was used for another project – which I also used this binding tape for!  But that’s another post….

Other nifty things I used to make this bias tape: Some genius out there created a bias-tape maker. These things are great. They make the folding part much less burny. I used my half-inch (i think? it’s the yellow one….) Clover bias tape maker to make this stuff, and then I folded it in half to make double-fold bias tape. These things are awesome. If you use bias tape or want to use it or think you know someone who would love to make more bias tape with fewer burned fingers, get one of these. I can’t stress enough how awesome they are!!!  You just load in your fabric (I made about 1.1″-wide strips) and pull along the bias tape maker as you iron away, and hey! Presto! you’ve got bias tape!

So. more to come later on the final destination of this bias tape. I promise. you won’t be disappointed.


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