I made a shirt!!!

Sewing with knits. Yes. EVERYONE is scared of it, and EVERYONE ELSE says there’s no reason to be scared of it. I am in BOTH categories. Or at least I was in both categories. I have a theory that everything is more difficult than I think it is until I actually get around to trying it. And most of the time it’s true. Especially when sewing with knits.

I have made myself some sweatshirts in the past (I’ll blog them eventually, I think….) and last summer I made myself a dress of sorts. But long-sleeved t-shirts are a staple of my winter wardrobe that I haven’t really attempted before. Until now.

Striped TShirt.

Behold. My first REAL T-shirt!

The Construction Details

  • Fabric – That’s some pretty see-through striped knit fabric that I found at the local Hancock fabric store for about $2.99/yard this summer. I need to make myself some more camisoles in order to wear this modestly.
  • Pattern – I used the raglan t-shirt pattern from Sew U Home Stretch, and let me tell you folks, this is one HEAVILY modified sloper. That’s the thing about these books though – once you’ve taken the time to use the patterns that come with these Built by Wendy books to make yourself a sloper, the future modifications are style-related only. For this sloper, I added 4.5″ to the length of the body, 4.5″ to the length of the sleeves, and then some good wide bands around the bottoms of the body and sleeves. I cut out the pattern as noted and then decided to make a scoop neck. Just folded the front in half and marked where I wanted the bottom of the scoop to fall and then just free-handed it. Love it!
  • The key piece of equipment that made this so easy – a twin, ball-point needle. I had used ball-point needles before, but never the twin needle. This is GREAT. Used it to sew all the seams and also did some major decorative top stitching around the vertical-stripe bands.

My conclusion: I’m making a ton more of these t-shirts. comfy. cozy. and much more flattering than this bad-angle-of-a-picture might suggest, but until Signe learns how to use my camera, this is the best I can do at my house (and with a camera timer).  So. Whaddya think???


Tell me what you think!

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