I can go out in this, right? (My first outfit post.)

It feels like it’s kind of  a ‘staple’ of the craft blog – in addition to simple modeling of one’s creation, one must also compile and annotate one’s outfits. Only thing is that I have something between little and no fashion sense (and even less shame about wearing stuff out in public that doesn’t go together.) So here’s my first dodgy “Yes, I did wear this out of my house” fashion selection:

Socks and Tights

Tights: Super-sale at target last year sometime toward the end of the 14 months of winter we have every year. I love tights, I love pink, and I love a target super-sale.

Socks: My own personal creations, using my own personal sock recipe. These were a TOTAL surprise – one of those balls of yarn that I didn’t think I’d like, but once I got going and this awesome pattern came out, I decided to keep them for myself instead of giving them as the gift I was planning on giving them as. (don’t worry. I made another pair of socks for that intended gift recipient, and he/she was none-the-wiser!)

Skirt: I love wearing skirts and you can’t see this one, but it’s also my own creation, based on an Old Navy awesome find. I love this skirt and you should too, or at least what little you can see here.

I think I looked pretty.  Signe agreed.

*** just an FYI – remember when I posted pictures of my living room?  This here picture is one of your first sneak-peeks of the new color. I painted it white and I couldn’t be happier!!!!!



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