I sewed a denim skirt (or two). I LOVE it/them.

I love to wear skirts. I prefer skirts to shorts in the summer and I prefer skirts (with tights) to pants in the winter. I love skirts.


This skirt represents one in a series of many. It’s based on this skirt from Old Navy from about three years ago –

Just a simple pencil-style skirt that I used to make myself a pattern for MORE SKIRTS! This first one was made of some pretty heavy denim that I picked up on the flat-fold table at Mill End. Just $2.99/yard. Cheap. Awesome. And really funny when it line-dries STIFF AS A BOARD!


The Construction Details

  • Fabric: Denim. Some ridiculously heavy denim. Great for a winter skirt.
  • Pattern: I used the “rub-off” method to duplicate my Old Navy skirt – Basically, I set my skirt on some butcher paper on my blocking mat and used some pins to outline each piece. There were two back pieces, two front skirt pieces, two front pocket inserts, a straight waist band, and some 7×7″-ish squares for the back pockets. I cut the skirt about 3″ longer than the pattern so I could make a wide hem.
  • pockets: I made the front pockets out of some scraps of cotton broadcloth. Anyone else really hate how womens’ clothing design doesn’t usually allow for pockets of a USEFUL size? Well. I made USEFUL-SIZED POCKETS, PEOPLE. I did the angled top-stitching and the top of the pocket before attaching it to the skirt, and then attached the pocket with the top-stitching around the side and bottom. I figured out a great trick using stitch witchery here – I’ll be posting a small tutorial for this soon!
  • Waistband: The waistband was folded double, and I used some home made bias tape to finish that edge. All the other seams were finished using the overlock stitch on my sewing machine.

Tell me what you think!

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