I decorated for Christmas! (sorta)

I have three fake Christmas Trees. One is technically not mine, but the other two were gifts from my great aunt Allyne when she was downsizing her considerable stash. She apparently bought in bulk when it came to Christmas decorations, and some of these packages (of balls, crystals, icicles, garlands, bows, lights) have never been opened. I’m pretty sure they’ve been in their pristine condition for longer than I’ve been on the planet (that’s almost 30 years for those of you keeping track).

My point is that I have an overabundance of Christmas decorations, but since moving out of my parents’ house, I’ve never been one for decorating for Christmas.

But Oh, THIS YEAR was going to be my year! And in all truthfulness, I HAVE decorated more this year than ever before, even though I didn’t even start to touch all of the ornaments and icicles. 

That’s right. A tinsel garland, two beaded garlands, and a string of lights hung in the livingroom.

It’s Getting Festive here, people!



  1. Kim

    I have the same string of beads here! I remember stringing them when I was little.

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