I’ve thought a few times about getting a second dog.


This, my sweets, is what I hope for on a daily basis. She is absolutely and completely exhausted.

I am on ‘vacation’ this week – spending time with my family all together under one single roof. And we’ve mixed together all three dogs, for the very first time. This leads to a lot of excitement. A lot of barking (Lucy). A lot of anxiety (Signe). A lot of a very big dog (Shadow).

We got to this little slice of heaven on Christmas evening, and even after a good night’s sleep, a good morning’s nap, and half of an afternoon’s snooze, Signe was STILL asleep on the couch – I think we FINALLY wore her out.

So. I’m thinking again about getting a second dog.

And mostly I’m thinking about how exhausting it would be and that, for the most part, we’re just not ready for that kind of excitement!


Tell me what you think!

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