Hey guess what! I started a new knitting project!

Ah. Right. No one is surprised. But seriously, folks, I’m posting it here so that I feel compelled to finish this one, just so I can add it to another ‘outfit post’ sometime soon. That and I am SUPER excited about this one.

The Paulie Cardigan, by Isabell Kraemer. I’m doing it in gray and purple Cascade Heritage 150 Sock Yarn, though I seriously considered the gray and yellow. enough so that I swatched both purple and yellow stripes.

Dad said that he thought I should do both colors. But being that I live in Minnesota, the purple and gold will forever be ingrained in my brain as representative of the Minnesota Vikings, and I’m not willing to put up with that kind of confusion every time I wear this masterpiece. So purple it is.

Now. Let’s talk about progress. I cast on a size large on Christmas. This pattern calls for about 300 g of the main color (gray) and about 150 g of the contrast color (purple) and is a top-down raglan, something that I’ve not actually tried yet (successfully, at least). So casting on 106 stitches to begin with and following that with something in the neighborhood of 220 increases over the first hundred-or-so rows means that each row takes more than a few minutes to complete.

But I’m BURNING THROUGH THIS THING, people. I have completed the garter stitch portion. Once I got the general increase scheme all set in my head (make 1 in the ladder type increases), I was able to stop wasting my time checking and re-checking the ‘m1r’ and ‘m1l’ abbreviations and could just keep going. I’m trying to complete as much of this as I can during this slow week of relaxing vacation, because once I get back to reality, it’s crunch time for the thesis.

nota bene: the best thing i’ve done knitting-wise over the last year is to start keeping a knitting journal. This is an actual physical book in which I keep track of where I am in what pattern. It has been immeasureably helpful when I set something down. I actually can remember where I was when I set it down, EVEN if I don’t get back to it for MONTHS! Simple. But GEEN-EEE-OUS. I highly recommend it to everyone out there.



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