New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe.

Well. I’m back. I had a spectacular holiday season, and here I am on the 10th day of Christmas ready to dive in to the new year.

sunset at monroe

I can’t remember actually ever writing down resolutions. But I do write a lot of to-do lists, and MAN those things keep me on task like nothing else I’ve tried. And they make me feel like I’m making progress (even when the progress is slow), and I’m all for that kind of simple motivation! Perhaps let’s call this my “to-do list” rather than my 2012 resolutions. And with that, I begin a list of things I’d REALLY like to happen this year (along with some slam-dunks. you know, so I know I can check something off!)

In 2012, I will: 

  • Finish Grad School. This WILL happen, for real for real. And then I’ll find myself a job doing something that is somehow related to the past 5.5 years of my life. You’ll all probably want to start calling me ‘Dr. Rachel.’ or ‘Dr. Bergstrom.’  Also for real for real.
  • Use up my fabric and yarn stashes. I want to consolidate them to fit into the same room. That sounds excessive, and it probably is, but the more important thing here is that I need to stop buying more of both of these until my visions for what I have on hand have been realized. I already broke this resolution due to a trip to Crafty Planet on Jan 2 with my sister, cousin, and old roommate. But a single broken resolution does not mean a completely trashed resolution. Yesterday I made it to Mill End without buying anything, and they’ve just recently started carrying sequin trims. So I count that as a win.
  • Teach a knitting class (or two!) at the new yarn store in town (hank and purl’s!) I’ll let you know more about it once I get all the details ironed out.
  • Run a second marathon. Yessiree. I’m thinking Chicago or Twin Cities. Both are in October, so I’ve got a few days to think about which one I should do. But the main point is that I want to run more. with a goal.
  • Turn 30. Yup. I’ll get to cross that one off without much effortbutternut.
  • Drink more tea and waste less food. I also want to start freezing my leftovers and actually remembering that I have frozen leftovers.I’ve started with Butternut squash soup  and have so fareaten two meals of it. That’s yet another win, my friends. And by the way – isn’t that some of the most beautiful squash you’ve ever seen?  It really was that bright orange! That’s what you get for having friends who grow their own and love to share!

I also like short-term goals. So. In January 2012, I will also:

  • Get outside with Signe
  • Work hard keeping up on blogging. I’ve got plans for January (the month I find myself most needing inspiration) and a few tutorials kicking around in my mind. Stay tuned.
  • take more pictures. of everything.
  • add more sequins to my living room and finish up the trim painting episode (more on that later.)
  • finish my kitchen renovation (well, renovation is pretty liberal. let’s call it an ‘update’ instead) It’s some leftover drywall fixes, a crown-moulding addition, and then I really want to do something interesting with my kitchen table. The kitchen table is the only thing that might not work out for this month. But I’ll still try.
  • knit some selfish knitting (I want to finish my Paulie. Yes. By the end of the month.)
  • run/walk at least 31 miles. One for every day of the month.

And that’s the overview for now. I’ll probably change and update this list. By keeping my resolutions here, I’ll keep myself accountable. Sorta shame myself into doing these things. Yeah, it’s a little … erm… mean, but if it works, it works. And breaking it down into monthly goals makes it all seem more manageable.

So. What are you thinking about getting done today? This month? This year? I’d love to hear your resolutions or to-do list. You can be my inspiration.


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