Knitting like the Yarn Harlot.

I meant to post this last week. But last week got busy with trying to return to work after 2 weeks with family. For me, that transition requires solitude, knitting, and a lot of lab work. But. I’m starting to get on track with my January goals, and today I ran 2.5 miles. So. This week starts out with a win.

Does anyone else out there follow the Yarn Harlot? I love this lady, and her blog is a great deal of fun. I wanted to make it down to Chicago for her most recent book tour, but unfortunately, Thursday nights are hard to make it there and back….

But aside from her great knitting humor, her strong feelings about breasts (scroll down to May 7, 2010, point #5. I love this woman. Nipple is not a dirty word.) and all the wonderful posts about her glorious daughters (far too many to link to), she knits VERY fast.  Before I learned that she uses the lever-style knitting technique, I used to think she spent all her time knitting so that she could get a sweater done in under 6 months and I thought I would NEVER be able to get a sweater done in less than a month like she does.

Folks. That’s the bottom garter stitch portion of my Paulie Cardigan. I finished the body of this beast before my true love gave me those Twelve Lords A’ Leapin’. I put this into even more awesome perspective (for me, at least) when I realized this is almost 300 g of sock yarn. That’s just about 5 socks. Five socks for MY big feet. This is a very fast knitting experience for me.

One comment. The pattern calls for about 300 g of fingering-weight yarn for the entire sweater. I still have to complete the arms and the collar (and button band), and I have about 6 g of yarn left. Thankfully, I bought 450 g of the gray yarn, so I’ll be able to finish this without problem. Just wanted to put this little note of caution out there for those of you who might want to make this sweater.



  1. knitterrooney

    Wow – can’t wait to see it finished. I’m going to try to use my stash more, i’ve built up enough stash to last me a lifetime too.

  2. rachel

    It’s amazing how that stash can grow, right? Even when I’m trying to limit myself, I still have a hard time making it outta that yarn shop without something soft and squishy and brightly colored to knit up into who knows what!

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