Crafting Evangelism, Without Tears (this time).

Up until last March, when she up and left me to go live with her new husband, my dear roommate lived with me in my tiny blue house.

the house

Somehow, living in such close quarters with me, she developed a few crafty habits. It started with Crochet. A friend of ours taught her how to crochet, she made some scarves, and then WHA-BAM!, she was off to making mittens. Awesome mittens.

I tried to teach her how to knit at some point before the crocheting. But there were tears and foul language and we decided it wasn’t worth it. Too much stress. For some reason, though, after learning crochet, she plucked up the courage (and the intestinal fortitude or something like it) to try to knit again.

So I taught her to knit. And I created a monster. A lace-knitting, chart-loving, yarn-stashing, fiber-loving, ravelry-trolling, blocking wire-fanatic monster. She knits intricate patterns, keeps up with just about every awesome knitting blog, and knows more about yarn and pattern books than just about anyone I’ve met. And she only started knitting 2 years ago. She is PROLIFIC.

And then this summer, she up and bought a sewing machine and took up sewing. I couldn’t be more proud of her! And look what she made! ALL BY HERSELF!

Sarah's Bag

I couldn’t be more proud of her!  Sarah found this pattern in Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders, followed the directions all by herself, and built herself this awesome bag. So good job, Roommate! I’m so proud!


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