A work in progress. (It’sadreamcometrue!)


1. I am writing up my very first knitting pattern. It is for socks. I will post it here and on ravelry when complete. It’s nothing special, just a standard 64-stitches, 2×2 rib pattern. But it’s easy to memorize and simple to customize. The goal is to get it done and ready for primetime before the end of the week. I’ve been taking pictures of the steps of the socks so that it’ll be a fully-illustrated pattern, great for beginners and experts alike.

2. I am writing up a sock pattern because I am teaching a sock class at the new yarn store in town, Hank and Purl’s.  THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!!! I’ll be teaching a 3-session (2-hours/session) class. The first session is general knitting on dpn’s, second session is turning the heel and picking up the gusset, and the last session will be finishing the toe and the kitchener stitch. It’s for experienced knitters (i.e. you know the basics of a knit and purl) and I hope to have at least 5 students (no more than 10) in the class. The class isn’t listed on the website yet, but they are accepting registrations for the class.  It’ll be $45 for the three sessions, not including supplies. If we have 5 people by the end of the week, we’ll be starting on Jan 21, otherwise it’ll be starting on Jan 28 (10AM-12PM) at Hank and Purl’s. Yippee!!!!

heel shot


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