I had a stroke (of genius)!

First, the Genius:

Look at those legs!

Yes. Pink patterned tights. not all that surprising, considering my love of pink and tights. But what IS surprising is that these tights didn’t come straight outta the package looking like this!  Here’s a hint – this is half of what they looked like before. 

So here’s where the genius comes in. I love to pick up wild and patterned tights on super-sale just about anywhere. A year or two ago, Target had a ton of fish-net-style-lattice-type-pattern … er.. tights. (My friend Jen calls them my “Hoo-er tights” because, even though they’re not strictly fishnets, they are rather lacey and she says they make me look like a street-walker. I whole-heartedly disagree, and mostly now I wear them just to spite her. Because I love her. And the tights. But I digress.) The patterns are all lacey and gorgeous, but there’s a slight problem with them: they offer no warmth, and I don’t wear tights/nylons in the warmer months. So what to do?

Well. Another friend of mine who shall remain nameless pointed out to me the complete uselessness of these tights one cool (not cold) December day, and I had the genius idea that perhaps I could wear the lace tights OVER another pair of tights!


This is wonderful, friends, especially since we have now arrived on winter here in the great frozen north – we have SNOW, it was just above 0º F this morning, and I can now wear my Hoo-er tights just about any darn time I want!



One comment

  1. MOM

    You can do it! Just wear your “happy tights” when you have to slog through !

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