Pintrest made me do it.

You can find all sorts of beautiful stuff on Pintrest. Like this awesome wreath.

And of course, I fell in love with it. I had to have one. But I’m cheap, and even the $8 grapevine wreaths at Michaels and Hobby Lobby were too expensive. Somehow, though, genius and goodwill prevailed, and during a trip to Goodwill before Christmas, I found a pretty decent wreath in pretty good shape. AND it was on super Christmas decoration sale, so the originally $2.99 wreath was closer to $1.50.

It’s been staring at me ever since. (that’s almost 2 months of staring, people.)

I finally buckled down last weekend and busted out the embroidery floss.

HOORAY!!! You’ll note that my wreath takes advantage of some bolder colors, and I varied the length of my wraps. My wreath is also more of an oval than a circle, and I have a lot more smaller, thinner branches than bigger, fatter branches. in some cases, I wrapped around a bundle of smaller branches, but for the most part, I tried to stick to the fatties.

To make this wreath, I cut 10-foot (approximate length) pieces of embroidery floss, doubled it over, then doubled it again. I threaded the four strands through a tapestry needle and then hot-glued the end to the wreath. Then I just wrapped and wrapped and hot-glued the end in a hidden area, from the back of the wreath.

It was really helpful to actually plan out my spacing. I started without doing this and wound up cutting off 5 or 6 stretches. NOT fun. So after cutting those off, I tied little marker yarns on the wreath at about the spacing I wanted. Then I just eyeballed where to put the wraps near the markers. Overall, this was pretty simple and only took about 3 hours (including cutting off my mistakes….).

And I learned that leaving my hot glue gun plugged in overnight will not burn down my house (THANK GOODNESS). Now to decide where to hang this puppy!


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