Making Sweaters for Everything. It gets cold in Minnesota.

That’s right.  I made a key cozy.

I think I saw a bunch of these on etsy once. I can’t remember where it was, and a good long etsy search only came up with this listing, which is not the original one that I saw that gave me this idea. Anyhow, today I needed a little knitting break (and a bit of an instant gratification project too) so I gave this a try! And what a great use for some sock left-overs. I like whatever this design is that I came up with, because it hugs the shape of the key. and I even put a little double yarn-over in there so that I could put the key back on my keyring.   See?

I think i’m going to have to do this for all the keys on my keyring (I don’t just walk around with the one all by its lonesome. I do have a car key and some other keys as well!) It makes me feel all warm and geeky inside!

So now I’d like to know – (as I finish up the sock pattern, which will be posted both here and on ravelry by this weekend!) anyone out there interested in a pattern for a key cozy?  Because I’m thinking of writing one up….


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