A crochet nightmare that started as a dream and will hopefully end better than where it stands now.

I am primarily a knitter, but like Sarah, I started out many years ago with the fine art of crochet. I transitioned to knitting sometime around 2001 or 2002, and since then, I’ve primarily stuck with the two needles as opposed to the hook. But I still love the fine art of crochet, and appreciate a good granny square (in fact, I’ve got granny squares on the brain for a good use for all the yarn left-overs in this year of “no new yarn.” or at least no new yarn until I’ve used up all the old yarn. Which I’ve actually done really great with. It’s the end of January, I’ve visited the yarn store twice already, and the only new yarn I’ve added to my basket was the yarn for my sock class. So that doesn’t count. But I digress.) and often look lovingly at my hooks and want to make something.

The only thing is that I’ve never particularly cared for the look of crocheted clothing. Like crocheted sweaters. Or pants (I’m kidding. I’ve never seen crocheted pants before. I’m sure they exist, though.) I just don’t care for crochet for adult garments outside of the accessory category. Yes it’s true. I’m a knit snob.

Back around July-ish of 2008 or maybe even before then, I bought a whole pile of yarn with the goal of making a crocheted cardigan. I found this gem

in the Rowan 42 magazine.  I saw this picture, and I was in love. Finally a sweater that did not look like a whole pile of double crochet stitch (not that there’s anything particularly wrong with double crochet stitch. I just don’t like it , as I mentioned above, in adult garments) In principle, I am still in love with this sweater. It’s in practice that the whole thing falls apart.

I’m sure you can tell from the title of this post that my crocheted cardigan adventure did not turn out as glorious as the pattern suggested it would.

I take that back. It is a wonderful cardigan, and MAN this thing is warm. I do love the sturdy fabric, and the stitch used for the whole thing is a glorious (and super easy) stitch that makes a tremendously sweet waffle-like stitch.

And this yearn is gorgeous!  It’s not the Rowan yarn that was called for by the original pattern, rather, I chose to use Cascade Dolce instead. It’s super-soft and gloriously lofty and really was a dream to crochet. The fit is great, the sleeves are just about the perfect length, and my knit group thinks that this is gorgeous sweater, and I agree!

But I just can’t bring myself to wear it.

I’ve tried. I really have. I even got myself a nice belt to wear with it, all empire-waisty or whatever. And I think it does look pretty nice (though I refuse to post a picture of me wearing it. Hence, the hot-pink dress form). But really, I can not wear this sweater.

I think it is because it was a royal nightmare to make. The pattern was well-written, the terminology was clear, but I, in my limited capacity to follow directions, had a terrible time making this. I think I wound up starting the left front well over 15 times. the first time I skipped about 7 rows somehow and had to rip back to the beginning. One time, I forgot to put the button holes in until I was about half-done with the whole front. It became painful, and I think this poor piece of yarn wonder will always be tainted by the emotional roller coaster that was its construction.

It’s been finished for 8-10+ months now. I blocked it on the dress form. I’ve worn it around the house to try and get over the feeling of dread and doom that I feel when I look at it. I’ve never walked out of the house while wearing it, and I feel even worse knowing that there’s the equivalent of 2 knitted sweaters-worth of yarn in this thing (Just by its very nature, crochet requires a lot more yarn per finished square inch than does knitting…. Now You Know.)

So after much thought and a really good talk with myself about how it isn’t worth anything if I don’t wear it, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is time to cut my losses (i.e. the time and energy and frustration that was its construction) and frog this sucker.  I’m sure I’ll be much happier to see this beautiful yarn in some format that I will actually wear.

I can’t decide if this is the end of my attempt to make adult crochet-wear. But it sure does look like things are leaning that way. I can’t take a heartbreak like this again!



  1. Colleen

    You cannot tear it apart! NO!!! It’s beautiful and you have to at least wear it (with the belt) to knit day.

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