Inspiring Blogs, v1.0: Gustaf Hale

I haven’t quite fallen off the face of the planet since finishing my sock pattern, but I might have slipped into a black hole of data analysis. Time for some bloggity blog inspiration!  I hope to introduce you to some of my favorite sites. For the most part, I like crafty and design sites. Today, we’ll be starting with a blog by a lovely friend from college.

Gustaf Hale a spectacular collection of beautiful. It’s curated by that girl from college whose style I wish I could emulate. Only in this case, she’s actually that girl from college whose style I wish I could emulate.

Gretchen and Husband, Minnehaha Falls

I think that’s what makes Gretchen’s tumblr all that more awesome. That I know her from college and her tumblr just FEELS like Gretchen.

She posts often, and the things she posts are a mish-mash of great inspiration, lovely art, simple decoration (SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL!!!), some of her favorite recipes, some really cute outfit inspiration, and other unclassifiable beauty. There’s some personal stuff (like her Grandpa’s Watch Mugs below, and an LLBean model who she mistook for her husband), and a whole lot of beautiful design- and fashion-related eye candy.

Gretchen's Grandfather's Watch Mug

She’s also got a few really great ideas for entertaining. Like chilling your champagne with snow! And my personal favorite in the “nifty ephemera” that Gretchen has collaborated, Winston Churchill’s personal pressure chamber!

Winston Churchill's Pressure Chamber!

Now Go check out Gustaf Hale!  And make sure to wall off a few hours to spend perusing all the beauty she’s collected. She knew what pintrest was for before there even was a pintrest….


Tell me what you think!

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