I’m not buying (much) yarn this year.

Sweater for a One-Armed Woman

The Paulie is moving forward (and is actually moved even farther forward than it shows in that “sweater for a one-armed woman” shot above).  A few thoughts.

  • Reading the ball band on yarn is important. I’ve always thought it was a little heavier than regular fingering weight, and last week my suspicions were confirmed. Cascade Heritage is 100 gr/437 yards. Cascade Heritage 150 (which I thought should be 150 gr/655 yards) is 150 gr/492 yards. So when I mentioned here that the pattern calls for 3 balls of the main color (300 gr, if you’re using Cascade Heritage) and I was already on my third ball of Cascade Heritage 150 (that means I’m well over the 300 gr recipe), it was not a defect in the pattern. Rather, it was a defect in my ability to read and trust my instincts that yes, indeed, there is a difference in the weight of Cascade Heritage and Cascade Heritage 150. So. There’s that.

There's too much arm showing. How scandalous.

  • The sleeves (k in patt to 35 cm, finish with 20 rows of garter st, bind of k-wise) are FAR too short for these arms of mine. I wanted them to be about 4-8 cm shorter than the boney process on the pinky-side of my hand (the styloid process of the ulna, for those of you keeping track). This is not quite 3/4-length, it’s not full-length, it’s somewhere in-between. 7/8-length?  Anyone out there know the real name of this length?  Roommate and I weren’t quite sure. Anyhow, the point is that i’m aiming for about where that red bracelet is in the picture below. That’s 44/45 cm.  Short enough to not get in the way, but long enough that I get to call myself ‘warm.’I also added two more decrease rows in the sleeve so that the garter-stitch cuff wouldn’t be all floppy. I hate floppy sleeves. I think that’s part of the reason this happened.
  • I found awesome buttons at Crafty Planet over New Year’s, made by a local potter.  Sweet Owls, but nothing too obnoxious. AND they will look lovely with the colors I’ve chosen!  
  • I love this sweater. I’m making another one sometime in the future when it’s legal for me to buy yarn again. I’m also thinking about trying to make it holding some lace-weight yarn double (mostly because I’ve already got this stuff in my stash, and, as the yarn-buying moratorium is an effort to destash, it seems only fitting…). I’ll make some modifications to it next time, just to make it a little different from this one.

This is an amazing blanket. I’m thinking it would be a SUPER-AWESOME use of my yarn left-overs. (found via meet me at mikes).

this is also very lovely. Very very lovely. And also a great use of left-overs.

I went through and categorized my UFOs (un-finished objects, works in progress, stuff that I started a long time ago and haven’t finished yet, but it’s a part of my new year’s resolution to finish all these things) last night and found that I’ve also got a lot of worsted-weight left-overs. BINGO. I think this might be a good crocheting adventure after the cardigan disaster.  Besides. it’s an afghan, and doesn’t need to be finished in any sort of really expeditious manner. And it’s something that I’ll use a lot in the winter. And it also looks like it’ll eat up a lot of yardage. That’s the combination that I’m really shooting for.

I’m also loving this.

The whole yarn bombing thing is hilarious, beautiful, and just plain old lovely.  Roommate’s husband and I (and the WONDERFUL guys with the chainsaws from RPU, who made us promise to never tell that they just up and did it for us) took out a dying birch tree from my front yard last summer. I picked out a particularly shapely branch to save from the firewood pile and it’s been sitting in my entry way ever since, waiting for its warm woolens. The dregs of the yarn scraps are destined for this sort of greatness, and this will be prominently featured in my new livingroom redo (which is, surprisingly, ALMOST FINALLY DONE.)

And last.

It’s my birthday today! Yaaaay!!!! The BIG 3-Oh. (not to be confused with last year’s “BIG TWO-9.”) In celebration, I’m headed to JUST ABOUT THE MOST AMAZING YARN STORE ON EARTH, and I’m going to do my best to not buy any yarn. Sounds like a losing battle, right?  It probably is, but at least they have coffee there. (And Mom says she wants to buy me yarn for my birthday, and that it doesn’t count if SHE buys it for me. I think I’m getting some Berocco Ultra Alpaca for another Paulie…. I have no imagination!) That’s what I’m really looking forward to – (aside from getting to see my parents and visiting this oasis) an afternoon soaked in coffee and blueberry danishes with three of my favorite people and a whole lotta knitting.

Happy birthday to me!!!!



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