The finished Paulie!!!

Well, Folks. It’s the fastest sweater in the west (actually, midwest, and I had a dream that I knit something up on US8s that seemed to go even faster, but let’s not split hairs here).

Paulie is Finished, and I’m SO HAPPY!

I love this sweater! I love this pattern, and I love the buttons by Jennie the Potter that I found at Crafty Planet at New Year’s! (also, I love my giant chalkboard in my livingroom, but that’s for another post. eventually I’ll tell you all about the finished living room. It’s not done yet, though, and will probably drag on for a lot longer before I get there.)

And, because I would like to tell you all about this pattern (and really really encourage you to make your own!), here’s my pattern review and plans for the next time I make another!

1. The pattern is EXCEPTIONALLY well-written. No, Seriously. Isabell, the pattern designer, did a hugely wonderful job writing a great pattern. I didn’t have a single point where I looked at the pattern, looked at my knitting and though, “WHAT?” Very well done.

2. I made the size for a 106 cm bust, with a little positive ease in my measurements and I think I’ll make the 96 cm size next time. I like the fit of this sweater ok, but it’s a little boxier on the bottom than I’m used to. I might also modify any increases on the body.  And last, I think I’ll make the next one about 4-6 cm longer than this one. Again, no complaints about the current sweater, but just one minor thing I’d adjust!

3. As I mentioned here, I lengthened the sleeves and added a few more decreases to make the sleeves my desired 7/8ths-length. The sleeves are just about perfect now!

4. I am a yarn idiot, and you might remember that I did something stupid and picked my yarn without turning my brain on. This sweater is Cascade Heritage 150, which I thought was the same weight as Cascade Heritage. It’s not. I think I’ll be making my next Paulie out of the RIGHT weight yarn – I’m thinking Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Fine.  Also machine washable (part of the reason I picked the Cascade Heritage), but the proper 100g/433yd as opposed to the Heritage 150 at 150g/492yd.  Oops.  I will, however, be getting 4 hanks of my main color for the next sweater, because this is all I have left of my 3 hanks of Heritage 150.

I was actually weighing my yarn after every single buttonband/collar row to make sure I’d have enough. This is just under 4 g of yarn, people. It’s a good thing that the i-cord bind-off was in the contrast color, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it!

5. Next time, I’ll make the collar a bit more… er…. bigger. Even though I blocked it, it won’t stay rolled over. I think this might have more to do with the i-cord bind-off, but I get the feeling that if I add a bunch more short rows to provide more real estate for the actual folding-over, it might stay folded over a bit better. I spent the entire day that I wore this trying to re-adjust and re-fold the collar. I’ll probably tack this one down in a few places or something for the future. But I do have to say that picking up the stitches along the front and collar went SWIMMINGLY. I was pretty impressed. But then again, it’s a great pattern, so there you go.

6. This was my first major piece with any sort of color work. Perhaps stripes like this don’t really count, but anyhow…. On the body, I broke both the gray and purple yarns at the color transitions. On the sleeves, I only broke the purple, and I was much happier with this plan. So, I think I’ll just carry the main color of the next version. It’ll make picking up for the button-band and collar go smoother, and i’ll have approximately a gazillion fewer ends to weave in!

7. I don’t think I’ll knit myself a sweater with anything heavier than DK-weight ever again. I LOVE this sweater!

AND LAST, an announcement!!!

Isabell, the lovely pattern designer, has given me permission to teach a class using her pattern!  This is a GREAT beginner pattern, and I’m really excited to do it all over again myself!  This pattern provides me the chance to teach gauge swatching, measuring for a proper fit, increase/decrease stitches, very simple colorwork, picking up stitches for sleeves, knitting in the round (on double-pointed needles, two circulars, or magic loop), picking up stitches for the button band and collar, i-cord bind-off, short-rows, and finishing techniques, including weaving in ends and blocking. I’m going to be teaching it starting in April at Hank and Purl’s .  It’ll be a once-a-month class (second saturday of each month) for 5 months, and at the end you’ll wind up with a sweater!  HOORAY!!! Contact the store for questions or to register. I’m pretty excited about it, and I can’t wait to start in on my next Paulie!



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