Using up the Yarn.

Thanks for the kind comments and words of support after my last post. I am still not sure how I should carry on, but the encouragement makes this time of questioning much easier to work through.

And of course I have yarn to play with. That helps too.

This is a small fraction of the ‘left-over’ yarn that I found in my stash a few weeks ago. I have a pretty wide variety of colors and several skeins of that white worsted (actually undyed worsted from knitpicks) in the middle there, so this (and this?) seemed like the best option.

So I made a bunch of circles. They are super-fun to make, and my biggest problem has been choosing the next color combination. Very Taxing on my Brain, let me tell you. The bigger problem was sorting out the right white border. I like this version, with the four dcs and a chain to make the corners.

This square still looks a little circle-ish, but it is moving in the right direction!  I followed the tutorial with this pattern to try putting together a number of the circles, just to get an idea of what it’ll look like.

I love it!!! It took several tries with several different tutorials to get this to work, but once I found the right one, all this came together in an afternoon/evening.  Next up is making a whole bunch more circles. I am torn between a lap-sized blanket and something ridiculously large. We’ll see how inspired I am (and now much yarn I need to use up.)

And extra bonus – those circles are a ton of fun to put in a a green bowl and dump over a Beezy’s head….



  1. Carrie

    Oh – I am inspired… I recently started “collecting” yarn for projects and I have a feeling I’ll have left over bits. I love this!

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