Sunburst Pillows

Have you ever seen Anna’s blog, Noodlehead? She’s got some lovely sewing projects out there, most recently her envelope clutch pattern. One of my favorites is her Sunburst Pillow, for which she also has a great tutorial.

I love throw pillows, and I’ve had big plans to make these for a long time. And here they are!

They are 12×24″ pillow forms that I made and filled with shredded foam – I like firmer support that the shredded foam gives, and I am hoping that they won’t flatten out like polyfill often does. The back has an envelope opening with neon orange and pink buttons. I liked Anna’s suggestion to make the pillow sham a little smaller than the actual pillow. I did that for one of these (length-wise the sham is 22″) and i’m going to modify the the other to be shorter in the same way.

Oh, and did I mention that I pulled a Sound of Music move? These pillow shams are made out of old drapes, both pillow form (the bottoms of my livingroom curtains) and shams (what I think were curtains from a few family houses ago)! and Most Importantly, I DIDN’T HAVE TO BUY FABRIC for these. Stash Buster!!!


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