So much going on!


I’ve been a bit AWOL here. There’s is an explanation, though, and it is that THE END IS OFFICIALLY IN SIGHT!  That’s right, Folks! I WILL be completing this degree FOR REAL for real!  My blogging and crafting life will, therefore, take a backseat to my scientific life. But I think I’ll try my best to at least put something up once a week until I’m officially Dr Rachel. We’ll see how that goes. I have two papers and a thesis to complete by May 10th-ish. That’s coming up REAL SOON, so I’ll be mostly up to my elbows in that.

But otherwise, life goes on, and it’s been a lot of fun. A summary:

Beezy eats his first s’more (and has already moved on to his second.)

The blanket grows as the yarn stash shrinks (and no longer takes over my entire living room, though kitteh is happy to wrap up in it).

I am IN LOVE WITH my Garmin Forerunner 405. This thing makes me want to get out and run even more than I did before! I think it is the scientist in me that loves keeping track of all of the statistics about every run.

My bathroom got a bit of a touch-up, and I’m still somewhat paralyzed by making the decision of what to hang on the walls. I need to just PICK SOMETHING AND PUT IT UP. that sounds like the absolute best solution here. I’ll keep you posted.

I learned the trick to making good tofu, and that is to NOT OVER-STIR THE SOY MILK right after adding the coagulant. This tofu I made this time is smooth, firm, and OH-SO-VERY-GOOD with my spinach salad. I learned this tofu-trick from making ricotta cheese (which is also pretty kick-ass excellent….) Did you know that there are a lot of similarities between making cheese and making tofu? Basically, in both cases, you take milk (soy or cow), heat it up, add something to pull all the proteins together into a solid (calcium chloride or lemon juice), let it sit for a bit to work that magic, then strain out the whey (liquids) to collect your solid (tofu or cheese!).  And home-made is SO MUCH BETTER than store-bought in both cases.


Tell me what you think!

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