The Upside(s) of Unemployment

My siblings and me, just before my PhD dissertation defense! This is my new favorite picture of us. Aren’t we attractive (and color-coordinated!)

I’m back again. For real for real this time. If you read the previous post from a month or so ago, you know I’m done with my PhD. That is some VERY good news, and I won’t lie – I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. But I did! So now what?

I don’t want to do a post-doc. I’m done with research (that’s a long, sad story), and am working on moving into something closer to research administration and education something-or-other. The only problem is that I haven’t found that something yet. So I am unemployed.

Unemployment is demoralizing. I won’t lie. Rejection hurts, even with the anonymity of human resources. But at the same time, unemployment has its perks.

I’m catching up on keeping my house clean after three months of neglect. That’s the big goal for this much-needed, unpaid vacation. I’m de-cluttering and organizing. Finishing painting the livingroom. Rearranging my sleeping quarters. It’s like I’m starting my life for real now, with an adult-style home that isn’t just all clutter. Oh, and I’m making frozen yogurt. Yum. So. All that’s left is a real, grown-up job.

So, to wrap up for today, I’ll leave you with a little glimpse into what has been inspiring me lately.

  1.  Draft your own patterns – Nani Iro Recipe No. 10, Adult Poncho Knit. Super-easy to follow diagrams, and you don’t even have to be able to read Japanese.
  2. Wrap Bracelet Tutorial – TentenKnits. My sister has made these. They are sweet without being delicate, and I sure want one to add to my single-color seed-bead bracelets from Senegal.
  3. Lowes Creative Ideas sure has some good ones. Plywood can be beautiful too. 
  4. One of the most recent BurdaStyle e-mails had great and simple blouse patterns. This one is my favorite.
  5. Been thinking of sewing my own swimming suit, with this bottom for my inspiration.
  6. My Dad made me a spinning wheel for under $15. This thing is so much fun to play with!

Happy Monday, Folks!


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