Seriously. It’s Thursday already?

Where DOES the time go? It was just Monday like yesterday!  Ok, so it was just Monday three days ago, but it sure feels like yesterday.

I am sure that I (at least feel like I) am more busy and full of stuff to do now that I don’t have a real “job” than when I was working full-time-plus-a-bunch. But that was all on one VERY FOCUSED thing. I miss that. Yesterday was the first time I have gotten outta bed before 7 am in weeks, and I realized that I miss that too. It’s time to find a steady source of gainful employment.

So what am I busy with?  Here’s the run-down.

1. Knitting. I am teaching Knitting classes at Hank & Purl’s again. The early fall round includes top-down magic loop socks, finishing techniques, and a punch card knitting help “class”. As a part of this, I’m learning the magic loop method and writing a tutorial/pattern.

This is what the magic loop two-at-a-time socks should look like.

This is how it looks most of the time.

My summary of the magic loop business: useful, but I AM NOT A FAN. I’m still going to create a REALLY EXCELLENT tutorial/pattern, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, right?

2. Spinning. Did I forget to tell you that I am now in love with sheep (even more than I was before!) and I found a loophole in my “NO NEW YARN” clause?  If I spin it myself, IT DOESN’T COUNT!!  My dad built me a sub-$10 spindle wheel, and I AM LOVING IT! I visited a farm in souther wisconsin a few weeks ago –

the shorn sheep are SO CUTE!

and we even spent some time in the pen with the sheepies.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without some Fiber. This is STRAIGHT OFF THE SHEEP, before the processing. Isn’t the color fantastic?

Wool from a sheep named Merlot!

3. Free-lance Sciencey work? Yeah. Some. It helps me remember why I like science.

4. I am getting a part-time job to tie up some loose ends in my old lab, so I’ll no longer be officially unemployed. Now I’ll just be UNDERemployed. It’s a temporary step in the right direction. And income. So that’s good.

5. I was a pattern tester for Made By Rae’s Washi Dress Pattern. What a great experience! Pardon the obnoxious fabric and the lovely flash-related yuck, but here’s my tester version –

I made the pattern by following the directions and pattern markings exactly, and I am HUGELY impressed with Rae’s Work! The bust darts, especially, are perfect, and I KNOW how hard those can be to get right. One of the only issues I had was that the bodice was a little too short for me. I’ll be adding about 2″ on to the total bust length in the next version, and Rae was adding a bit of length following testing anyhow. Otherwise, it was (as per usual) a bit short for me, so I added 4″ to the bottom. Rae had good pointers about making a muslin (of the bodice), which I did, and she also provides info on shirring, which provides the nice comfy fit across the back of the bodice.

Overall, a GREAT experience, though, as I really paid super-close attention to the pattern and the directions, something that I don’t usually do. Funny how that makes everything run along so smoothly! I didn’t have to rip a single seam in the whole piece. WIN. Maybe I should follow more directions in the future. Like when I make my next washi dress this weekend, perhaps??  I really like Rae’s maxi-washi. So exciting! And Congratulations to Rae – your pattern is AWESOME and I am so proud of you!

So. that’s a summary of a bunch of the stuff I’ve been up to. There’ve been other things too, but I think this hits a number of the highlights, and at least I’m keeping busy, right?

Happy Thursday!



  1. Rae

    Thanks so much Rachel!! You were an awesome tester and I loved how yours turned out! 🙂

  2. Pingback: Washi Sewing Pattern PDF is here!

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