One of my favorites (with two of my favorites)

This weekend we found a gem. Roommate (who isn’t really my roommate anymore, and actually hasn’t been for over a year now, but I still call her that) and her Husband (we’ll call him ‘K’) got me hooked on kayaking a while back. This weekend, in preparation for a camping trip to Door County, Roomate got a new kayak.

Roommate’s New Blue Kayak – THE MAIDEN VOYAGE!

It needed to be tested, and we found a great small local lake on which to try it. The best part is that the lake is about half-way between our houses (and right behind the development in which some of our dear friends live), so it’s easy access.

My little green kayak – a Necky Maintou Sport, 10’11”. It looks pretty puny next to Roommate and K’s 16-foot-plus sea kayaks!

This was my first kayak outing of the year. A little sad, I know. But that’s the difficult thing when it comes to kayaking. I have this voice in the back of my head (it sounds like my mother) saying, “Don’t go out by yourself!” even though I am a strong swimmer. The worst can always happen, I suppose. But there aren’t too many people who have kayaks, even in this Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. And even worse, we live in (i’ve heard) the county with the fewest lakes of any counties in the state. It is limiting. (I feel the need to add the hashtag “firstworldproblems” to this post now….)

Roommate and K

But as problems go, it’s a problem I’m willing to deal with. And now that we have found this easy lake access, we’re going back again. and again. and again.

I love the colors of our kayaks, all together in a jumble. So pretty, even at sunset on a cloudy day!

We don’t whitewater kayak. I don’t go on day-long paddles. But toodling around this little lake gives me my fix and a sense of  accomplishment, which is nice these days.

Just happy to be on the water.

Yesterday, Roommate and I made two laps around the lake. Today, we’re shooting for three.


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