Whoops. Forgot to breathe for a minute there (and a lovely suggestion).

Been busy lately. Still am busy. Gonna be busy for a while.

Hint: there’s GLITTER EVERYWHERE at my house these days. (Divah Kitteh likes to roll in it.)

But it’s good, right?  (mostly.) And I’m back to the lab these days as well – a temporary return to finish up some loose ends from my degree. A good thing.

And I’ve been knitting with some lovely ladies these past weeks. Saturday was my last Paulie Sweater Class (please please PLEASE go cast on NOW, people. It is a GREAT pattern, and even though it is fingering weight on US2.5’s, you won’t be disappointed. Garter and stockinette stitches for MILES. Lovely). None of us (the instructor included….) finished the sweater. But that’s ok, and we’re reconvening after January 1st 2013 for a class photo.

But the best part of the class has definitely been the women who have taken it and the advice that they’ve given. For instance (and this is the cream of the crop, people), N started referring to her “resource center” when she was talking about putting herself on a fabric diet (she’s a quilter – it’s much like my yarn diet, which is, incidentally, still going STRONG!) A Resource Center? Not a “stash”?  Yes. Because, as N put it, a stash sounds shameful, like you’re hiding your drugs. A resource center, on the other hand, sounds inspiring! Like “Hmmm. I want to knit/sew/embroider something. Let me go GET INSPIRED by a trip through my resource center!” I LOVE IT.

And even better? I’m no longer calling it my “craft room” or “office.” It shall from henceforth to everlasting be referred to as “The Center for Innovation.”

Go team.


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