Jenny Gordy did not design a muumuu

In an attempt to up the craftiness of this blog, I submit the following –

Tova Problems

My Wiksten Tova Dress. It’s not bad. It’s just not what I was really hoping for. I LOVE this fabric. It’s the last major yardage that I bought this year – waaaay back in January – right as I was buttoning up my plans for a fabric/yarn fast this year. (I also bought 3 yards of something else that has been burning a hole in my metaphorical sewing pocket… More on that as I finally decide what to sew from it!!!!)

But folks, as you might have figured out from the title of this post, it fits like a muumuu, and Jenny Gordy, the genius behind Wiksten, did not design Tova to be an old lady’s housedress.

I know I’m not a size-5 model – I’ve been a solid 14 in the jeans-department for years. And I know that this isn’t supposed to be a super-fitted dress. But this is NOT flattering (though I must admit – the lighting of these pictures actually improves it somehow. Sad, right?).

I did everything right. I measured, made a muslin (even made adjustments in the sleeves to slenderize them a bit), and added pockets. But now that I’ve invested the time in this precious fabric, I’m thinking I made a terrible mistake and made the XL instead of the L. Believe me, this is NOT a problem of the pattern – Jenny did a phenomenal job, and her instructions are super-detailed and really easy to follow. I LOVED making this, and I loved actually following the directions, not something that I usually like to do… I just think that I mis-measured and my muslin was made from a very different type of fabric than my final fabric. Two big user errors. Blech.

So what now?

Well, first of all, I think I’ll make another muslin, this time a L. I defaulted to XL based on my bust measurement when I selected to trace that size. But this reminds me that I have had previous experiences with somehow overestimating my bust measurement based on my … erm… bust measurement. Whoops!

But as for this dress – This fabric is FAR too dear to me to toss this out. Previously, I’ve made adjustments to the BurdaStyle Heidi dress and AnnaMaria Horner’s Socialite Dress by simply taking in the side-seams (heidi and socialite) and strategically-placed back-darts (socialite). I’ll start with these and report back. I’m sure this can be salvaged!!


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