The Changes I’m Learning.

I’m not where I thought I would be 5 months after finishing my PhD. You might already know this. And it’s definitely not a bad thing at all, just a learning thing. And there is a ton of learning going on.

I’m learning to work at home with my needy pets. The kitteh tries to help me type when I’m on a deadline, and I think the major change of routine with my switch to working at home has been harder for Signe than it has been for me. So I’m learning to keep working, even when there’s a lot of this going on –

Needy Puppy II

I’m learning that even the iPhone 3GS has a limited lifespan. I had been waiting for the ‘right time’ to get myself a new phone. I think the time has come.

iPhone Crash

I’m learning that it’s important to get out of the house or get new people into my house every once-in-a-while. I’m a homebody and I really like my house. I am also a huge fan of being by myself, all alone and solo. This could potentially be a problem. Thankfully, Jen, Eben, Sarah, and Anand came over last night and we watched the Presidential Debate together. Aside from his other contributions to the discussion, Eben astounded us as he taught Anand how to draw a circle – with both his left and right hands.

Eben draws circles

I’m learning that my to-do list is even more useful now than in grad school. As much as I’d like to spend every day at home sewing or knitting and watching Friday Night Lights (MY IDEAL VACATION!), I DO have to actually get stuff done – like my upcoming Etsy Shop, whirlwind by RAB, update! And it is SO SATISFYING to look back at all I’ve actually gotten done each day!

I’m learning that it is totally legal to add “take a shower” to my to-do list. And more importantly, I’m learning that sometimes, it’s critical that it’s on the list or else it’d never get done…..


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