I caved.

One of the other things that I’ve learned in working from home is that my house can be pretty darn cold. And while it was a good thing during those less-than-stellar 70-degree days earlier this week, it’s not really all that nice when it’s actually cold outside. Last year, I made it until after November 6th without turning on the furnace (other than when small children or old roommates were at my house), but this year, I didn’t make it.

I feel like it’s one thing to have furnace principles and stick by them when you get to spend 10-12 hours a day in an office that is kept at 68 and is not in your house. But it’s an entirely different thing to have to wear a hat, mittens, and multiple layers (including legwarmers) AND be wrapped in a blanket just to keep those principles.

The heat is on. And I am much happier when I’m warm.


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