Mixed Media. (Ok, so it’s just fabric paint and embroidery.)

My couch is apparently not comfortable for short people, which is why I have my couch (my mom is 5’4″ and didn’t want to keep it because she couldn’t sit on it comfortably.) I like my couch, though.

I’ve been trying to “accessorize” my couch in an effort to make it more comfortable for short people. In other words, I’ve been making some throw pillows.

I’m not good with matchy-matchy, or more precisely, I don’t have the patience for it, really. Though somehow I’ve wound up with a lot of pink and green in the livingroom…

And off that tangent and back to the pillow.

Mixed Media Pillows

There it is, on the chair instead of the couch, sitting neatly and perkily next to the kitteh-in-a-bucket. After seeing this felt triangle pillow on Creature Comforts, I was inspired to use black and white triangles to make myself a pillow. But because I like fabric paint and freezer paper stencils better, I did it that way.

I made the freezer paper stencil by randomly cutting out a bunch of triangles, and then I ironed it onto half-ish of an old muslin curtain.

Mixed Media Pillow
Black acrylic paint went on top of that to make the solid triangles.

Mixed Media Pillow

Mixed Media Pillow

The open triangles were free-hand-backstitched on in embroidery floss. I didn’t want everything to be covered in triangles, so I left the top of the pillow square un-painted or -stitched. Finally, I used this tutorial (kinda) to make the button enclosure on the back.

Mixed Media Pillow

While this doesn’t really match anything, it’s a pretty happy end to a not-so-planned-out project, and I think it’ll stick around in the pillow rotation for a while!


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