Some musings on my awesome bed, and I decorated some lampshades.

The home decorating stuff has been plugging along. It’s more than home decorating, though. It’s supposed to be home-organizing-with-the-goal-of-making-my-home-less-cluttered-and-more-user-friendly. On major step towards user-friendliness has been adding a new bed!!!!!!!

My Dad is super-crafty (so is my mom. and my sister). As a gift from my parents for my thesis defense, he built me a bed back in June and July (I had sorta been sleeping on a mattress on the floor prior to then). You heard that right. The Man BUILT ME A BED. (I can’t believe that I didn’t post this here until now!)

The Bed that Dad Built

And IT HAS DRAWERS IN IT!!! That is especially awesome, as the bed all but fills my entire bedroom, leaving little-to-no space for a dresser (the yellow thing in the corner is for yarn storage, and there is NO ROOM FOR CLOTHES IN THERE, silly people). He started with these plans and upped the ante a bit by using fancy cabinet-making techniques and doing some other awesome stuff to make it look like something that could have come out of Pottery Barn! Basically, it’s even more beautiful than I could have asked for!

Aside from just loving being up off the floor and really enjoying having an actual socks-and-underwear drawer, I love my bed enough that it is changing my habits. Most notably, I somehow have begun making my bed every day! This is WONDERFUL and makes me feel like I’m getting my life in order early each day. It also makes me feel even happier about my bed every time I walk past my bedroom or look into the door from my livingroom (you can see the foot of my bed from the entryway to the house, right through the livingroom).

It makes me think a lot about what sorts of habits I’ve been working on cultivating now that I work from home. Making my bed is a good routine that spills into folding my clothes when I bring up the laundry basket. I just dump everything onto my already-made bed and the clothes get put away as I fold them. It’s like a new MAGIC TRICK!

And having an awesome bed makes me want to go to bed ON TIME each night. I’m generally speaking a firm adherent to the sleep-hygiene model of mental health maintenance (where you stick to a regular bedtime and wake time, all the time), though working from home sometimes makes this difficult. Anything that makes this easier – like having a beautiful bed to sleep in! – is worth celebrating!

I’m also really trying to keep up with reading a little bit each night. Right now, I’m about 3/4 of the way through “A storm of swords” by George RR Martin. My brother got me the first four books because he wants to be able to talk with someone about their general awesomeness. So I’m trying to get through three or four chapters a night. This is also a great part of my sleep hygiene routine, as it is a good signal for my brain to get ready to sleep.

And…. that’s my terrible segue into making new lampshades!

Mom and dad gave me their old reading lamps – silver wall-hung IKEA lamps with nice little pull-chains. The lampshades needed some work, though. They were a bit dingy after the numerous years that they had been in use. I had originally tried to recover the shades, but was really unhappy with the result. So instead, I picked up some “decorate-your-own” lampshades at Hobby Lobby and dove into my Marimekko remnants resources.

I made some lampshades

They’re pretty cute, right? I loosely followed this DesignSponge tutorial, though it was much easier because the shade itself was already built (i.e. the hoops were already attached to the drum, so I didn’t have to do all of the fiddly hoop attachments and paper tape steps). The shades themselves came with a paper template for cutting and had adhesive already attached. The bias tape was just plain white kona cotton, which is the same weight as the marimekko fabric.

I’m super happy with how they turned out, overall.

I made some lampshades

And I really like how they look lit up. The best part is that now I can get rid of my bed-side table (over there on the left), which sorta blocks one of the drawers.

I made some lampshades

And see? I’m still making my bed every day!


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