The Demise of the MuuMuu

Remember this?

Tova Problems

I attacked it and it’s all better.

Tova Fixes

I did make some rather drastic alterations to this – most notably taking the side seams around my ribcage in about 6″. This meant that I had to also take out the pockets. Ah well. I can always open the seam another day and put them back. Second, after wearing this to church and realizing that the placket neckline was a little lower than is comfortable for me, I tacked the placket together about 2″ up. Now I’m not showing too much skin in the chestal region, and it’s a little warmer as well.

So what did we learn from this exercise?

  1. I am not an extra-large for the tova pattern. I think I’ll make the next one some combination of medium (in the chest and waist and arms) and a large (for the shoulders and bottom of the dress).
  2. The length needs to be a bit longer. An inch would be great.
  3. I have a very flat derriere, so I think the next one also needs some darts for shaping in the back-to-butt transition area. This one is fine as-is, but I think I could make some adjustments to the pattern sides in the medium to add two darts to just make it look a little more fitted through the waist in the back. I’ve done this with other shapeless-type patterns, and I’ve been wildly happy with those results.
  4. Jenny Gordy did not design a muumuu, but I managed to fix the one I sewed.

One comment

  1. stirandstitch

    your tova looks great! boy, can i relate to the excess back fabric issue, too. i’ve wondered about adding darts but haven’t been brave enough.

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