Using up the yarn – I made a basket.

In working towards making my house more “user-friendly,” I have been thinking a lot about more and better and prettier storage.

Enter a two-birds-with-one-stone opportunity!


I made a basket out of the leftover yarn from my sister’s wedding present – This was a great (and super-fast) project, and allowed me to use up all by the very lastest 20-30 feet of Cascade Magnum. I can’t remember how I originally came across the pattern, but I know i’ve seen it on All About Ami and Ravelry. The key feature that sold me on this was this nice little ridge here on the base of the basket that really gives it an awesome and defined shape –


It’s all half-double crochet, with TWO strands of super-bulky yarn held together… SUPER-FAST! I made this in a morning a bit ago, and made a few adjustments to the pattern. Basically, I made the bottom 57 stitches around and as tall as I could make it before the yarn ran out. And I seem to remember that the pattern called for an “L” hook, while I used an “N” hook (that’s all that I had….)

I’ve been using the basket to hold my current knitting project, a sweater re-creation for my dad, which is only the fourth-ish time I’m re-knitting it. But that’s a story for another blog post.



  1. rachel

    Thanks, all! I am really happy with how this turned out and have been ogling the super-bulky yarns at the local yarn store thinking about all the other beautiful baskets I could make!

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