Catching up with it.

Remember when I said I was going to try for 2 post a week? hmmm….  Let’s try again.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you – This year, I am ESPECIALLY thankful for my fabulous family, wonderfully amazing and understanding friends, and for the fact that I NEVER have to do grad school again!

I’m thankful for a whole lotta other stuff as well, including and not limited to coffee, cerave moisturizing cream, my dear pets who are simultaneously keeping me sane and turning me into a crazy cat lady, LED lights and glitter, a job that is keeping me housed and fed, and this kid –


… who is now speaking in full sentences and ALL THE TIME. Like NEVER STOPS TALKING. They went home to Gramma and Granpa Carbucket and Nana and Papaw’s houses for Thanksgiving, and BAM, the child now uses entire sentences to communicate – I LOVE IT! (and now he’s just gotta figure out the “appropriate” talking etiquette…. Like sometimes it’s time to stop talking and listen. Baby steps, here.)

I’m catching up on letters as well, and had my first major glitter letter shipping nightmare  – a damaged sign.


keep in mind that this wall of my livingroom is OVER NINE FEET LONG. that is a big sign

Shipping this was a nightmare, and the M and last A were damaged in shipping. So it’s back with me to be fixed and re-shipped. Heartbreaking. But isn’t it an awesome sign????

I have several other orders that have shipped, and i’m working on a roundup post with pictures for next week. AAAAAANNNNNDDDD….. A GLITTER LETTER GIVEAWAY for the holiday season!  So stay tuned for that.


Tell me what you think!

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