Festive, no?

I feel a compulsion to explain my blogland absence, but I’m fighting it here. Mostly because I  have no excuse, but whatever. It’s not necessary that I explain it. Onward, HO!

For the first time in my adult life, I have decorated a Christmas Tree for (and by) myself!


 I’m not 100% sure of why this is, but I generally hate decorating the Christmas Tree. It’s a big job, and I get tired of it before the whole thing is done and then I’m frustrated because it’s not perfect. What’s worse is that I have three (YES THREE) Christmas trees in storage. AND 3 huge bins of “vintage” ornaments (thanks to a great-aunt who loved to buy in bulk and loved Christmas and an aunt who couldn’t keep everything – there really was a lot), so it’s not like I don’t have the stuff around to celebrate.

So what was it that sent me over the “I’ve gotta do it this year” edge?


It really amazes me what an adorable 2-year-old can convince me of. Like that decorating a Christmas tree is a blast.
And that it’s a-ok to leave that chocolate on your chin as you decorate your tiny tree.

(and that it’s a good thing that God keeps kids this cute for so long, because it sure makes life so much more fun!)


Tell me what you think!

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