Instagramming life?

We have a blizzard today here in Southeast MN, and the local schools are closed. Talk about perfect timing! I know of SOMEONE who now has an extra eight hours of gift Knitting time today to get those socks done… (and it’s not me. i work from home, so a snow day for me just means that I need to do some shoveling. that’s taking AWAY from my knitting time, yeah?) Anyhow, I’m still happy about the snow, because it was getting pretty gross and un-Christmassy around here. This is Minnesota, and I demand snow!

Anyhow, back to the point of this post. I might not be actually instagramming my entire life, but I do like Instagram. Ok, so what I really like is making up ridiculous hashtags.


The sad thing about all these ridiculous hashtags is that I’m generally the only person using them. And even if they’re not ridiculous (like #trackyourholidayknitting), I’m generally the only person posting to those hashtags.

So, even though it’s ALMOST CHRISTMAS (!!), I want to see what you’re knitting, because I KNOW you’ve got those last few projects that you’re finishing up. No one is really organized enough that they’ve finished their Christmas knitting before 23 Dec!  I, for one, know that I have a few things on the list that are set to be knit post-Christmas, but Pre-Epiphany, so I’ll still be going strong at New Year’s!!! Can you please (pretty pretty please) add your instagram photos of what you’re working on last minute, with the hashtag #trackyourholidayknitting? Don’t worry if you have to obscure the final product from the picture. I just wanna see your yarn, your needles, your stitches, your knitting hands, anything about what you’re working on with those needles for the holiday! And then, when your gift recipients are living with your lovely yarn-based products, let’s add those pictures to the hashtag too! After all – you wanna see your gifts in their native habitat, right?

So I leave you with a close-up of my PINK Christmas Tree (#nooneissurprised).

(and oh yeah – you can follow me on instagram. my name is wikyt.)


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