A Simple New Year

Happy New Year! Truly, 2013 was a really great year. Hard, yes, but super excellent.

Even so, I’m not where I wanted to be right now. I’m not where I thought I’d be right now. Physically, yes, I wanted to stay in town after graduate school, but in terms of the bigger “life trajectory”, i’m not. But if you’ve been following me (or know me in person) for any length of time, this isn’t news to you. And it shouldn’t be news to you that this doesn’t exactly throw me for a loop. I’m content where I am, but ready for the next chapter. I’m satisfied by the work that I’ve been given, but itching for something more.

So as my New Year’s Resolution list is growing, at the top of the list is to find a steady job with benefits, doing what I love and using the degree for which I worked so hard. In the meantime, I remind myself daily of how intensely thankful I am for the friends who have loved me, supported me, and kept me throughout everything of grad school, including a friend who found me temporary employment in a field that I love. I am not unemployed. I can pay my mortgage and buy groceries and feed my pets. I have two working feet, two working hands, and a working brain.

The rest of the [public] resolutions list is on its way later this week. So for now I leave you with what I hope will be a theme of 2013, inspired by Elise’s yearly single word theme:*

A simple life. 

It’s more than one little word, and it’s so much more than just decluttering my house and organizing my kitchen. It’s about living my life and setting up patterns for the life I want to live now that there’s not another 6 years of school on the horizon. And for however corny this sounds, I’ve picked a simple life based (somewhat) on a song – A simple life, by The weepies.

It’s those first lines especially –

I get up in the morning

put the kettle on

make me some coffee

say hey to the sun

that have always tugged at me. It’s because of a vision that I have for my life – to wake up and be thankful for the mornings – and one that has enriched my life in the past. During this time of transition, my mornings have become rocky and waking up before dawn (even in the darkness of winter) has become difficult. So I am making the change to return to old habits because I know, even though they aren’t easy habits to regain, these habits make my life better.

This is just a small part of my plan for a simple life. And, of course, the plan is always changing. Some of this plan I will document here, but there are certainly some parts of my simple life that must be kept private. But most importantly, it is my goal to give myself some grace while holding the goal of developing habits for a simple life in 2013. Change is hard, and that’s why so many resolutions fail. But this is important to me, and I’m excited to continue with things that make life easier, happier, softer, and more exciting, while adding new things and ideas to my life with the same goal. 

I’m happy to be here today. And I’ll be happy to be here tomorrow. But for now, Happy New Year’s Day. Hug your lovies, kiss your dog, and eat some brunch. That’s what I’m doing to celebrate this first day of 2013!

*Elise’s theme for 2011 was ‘magic’, 2012 was ‘choose‘, and 2013 is ‘brave‘ – All with the potential to be unbelievably inspiring and corny all at the same time, but MAN she did a great job with ‘choose‘ this year, and I can’t wait to see how she does with ‘brave’ in 2013… especially with a new baby on the way!


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