Making it public.

Break it down.

A. Simple. Life.

Simple is the resolution. The rest are all goals, and I’ve given myself some win-win, can-and-really-should-do, and boy-that’ll-be-difficult-but-it’ll-be-worth-it-in-the-end goals. And apparently research has found that one is most likely to attain goals if they are made simple and public. Simple is… well, the goal, so here’re some of my public goals.


For the win:

  1. Keep Running and Run Faster. I’ve started by doing some pace work in a couch-to-10K program – after all, if I want to run faster, i’ve got to train faster, right?. After 2 months of 30-40 mins/3-4x weekly, I’ve noticed a definite improvement, and, most importantly, I’ve already made running a priority (which I’ve struggled with before.) It’s also been GREAT for Signe and gives her an extra chance to get the crazies out. And honestly, there is no better therapy for a sluggish brain or body than a good run. Now to keep this momentum, because the TC marathon is only 10 months away!!!
  2. Continue with the yarn and fabric pledge. Last year’s fiber moratorium was a good thing for me, and I even did pretty well, especially with the yarn. The tally for yarn for the year (outside of 10-12 balls of yarn for birthday/Christmas gifts and 6-8 balls of yarn for classes) was 2. Two balls of yarn for a hat, which I made right away. So even though I added something in the neighborhood of several thousand yards of yarn to my year, I worked almost all of it up and even busted out a few projects using stash yarn (still need to finish that afghan…) I count that as a success, and I want another year of this type of a pledge. I think it’ll be a great part of my simple life resolution to continue to de-stash and not add to the mess. (True Confession: now that I think of it, I did buy 5 skeins of lamb’s pride bulky over Christmas – I need new slippers. so the total is 7 skeins of yarn. not 2. ah well – I have this year to do better!)
  3. Finish some lingering projects. Like painting the trim in my living room and kitchen. Really, it’s just simple stupid stuff like that, and it’s always so satisfying once these things are done, especially since that’s when I realize a) how much they had been bothering me and b) how happy I am to not be bothered by them any more.
  4. Continue to choose happiness. My choices are my choices, and I can’t blame anyone else for my choices, just as I cannot be responsible for the choices that other people make. Before a significant bout of anxiety and depression during grad school, this kind of thinking was foreign to me, like the world revolved around me and everyone was making choices in response to or to influence my actions. But after a lot of hard work and a lot of love from others and from myself, I have come to know and celebrate that there is not much outside of myself (and the thermostat at my house) that I am really in control of. But I can choose happiness, and I can continue to choose to be happy at least a little bit (or a whole ton) every day. This doesn’t mean that I choose to keep sadness, anger, frustration, and even boredom out of my life, just that, if I have the option to find the sunny side of things, I’m going to choose that (and to keep my thermostat set at 63.)
  5. Keep crafting. Sewing. Glittering. Knitting (still working on Christmas knitting here!) Mostly, I just want to keep being creative. And I really want to post more crafty posts here. but that’s really a goal for a different list. Stay Tuned.
  6. Turn 31 and Celebrate another NEW YEAR! Yep. Gonna make this one happen for sure!

I like to think about these goals as sure things. I think I’ll mostly be on autopilot for the most part, and I like that idea. I like to set myself up for success, so that when I succeed, I have the motivation and sense of ‘can-do-it-ness’ to work on the harder things on the list (coming in another post later this week) with the understanding that I can accomplish goals I set for myself. Other people might not get the same kind of satisfaction from achieving a goal that they already know they will achieve, but for me it’s kinda like writing a to-do list and adding things to it that i’ve already done (or stuff like showering, because that’s an easy one).

So those are 6 of the things on my “for the win” goals list. They all, in their own way, contribute to my simple life, and I can’t wait to see how mindfulness of that contribution will continue to encourage me to


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