Making public my intentions, part II

Now it’s the self-improvement stuff, the goals that are supposed to make me a better person, the “can-and-really-should-do-it” portion of the goals list.

    • run. yes, it’s on this list too. And it’ll be on the “really difficult goals that I really want to achieve” list as well. And it’ll be the same on there. Keep running. Run faster. Run more. And run a marathon (that one is on the next list…)
    • Organize and Focus.  This goes for my brain, my soul, and my time as well as my closet, basement, kitchen, and office. Though I’m sure I’ll fail on this one regularly, I’m resolved to life a simple life by getting rid of the extras that don’t really serve a true purpose. AND I want to enjoy the things that DO have a purpose. That means time is important. GOOD Food is important (it’s so hard to cook really good stuff for myself sometimes!). My brain is important. And these goals are important. Still working on what all this looks like, but I KNOW that one thing is going to help, and that is continuing with my daily to-dos list. More on the organization plans as they develop. (this does include the very tangible goal to sweep and vacuum more often. I’d be lying if I said that keeping my house clean is one of my spiritual gifts – does glitter count as a spiritual gift? So I’ll use little Beezy as motivation. If a toddler can so expertly run the dust mop, then so can I!)Untitled
    • 100 blog posts in 2013. That’s 0.274 posts/day, or roughly one post every 3.5 days, or two posts/week. That’s the minimum. I want to add more tutorials and reports on things I’ve made, because that’s what’s been doing the best and that’s the sort of stuff that people tell me they like. So I’ll shoot for more of those. I have a tutorial and a home decorating post on the horizon! And of course, I hope to use some of the 100 posts keeping up with my simplification. After all, if I don’t write about it here after this week, what’s the point of the publication of the goals in the first place?

Yes, it’s another short list, but that “organize and focus” bit is kinda big. In thinking about these goals/resolutions, I’ve had something from my early adulthood running through my head. When I was in college (and perhaps earlier), my mom would always encourage us to put our dirty dishes in the dishwasher after dinner by saying “it takes 21 days to form a habit. This is day 21!” As a neuroscientist, you’d think I would know whether or not this is true, but I plead cellular/molecular neuroscience and not behavioral neuroscience as my excuse. But I DO understand that habits are hard to form (oh yes, yes, I understand that…) and there’s the major New Year’s Resolution cliche that I don’t want to be. So I WILL be breaking these things down, and I think a month-by-month list might be in the works as I work to simplify.

So what are your self-improvement/i-can-and-really-should-do-it goals/resolutions?



  1. creative pixie

    I don’t do resolutions- that way im not disappointed if i don’t keep them 🙂 It’s difficult keeping a tidy house with children so maybe i should try and be more organised and have more storage for all their stuff.

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