Bringing the outdoors in…?

I’m still working on decorating my living room. The latest addition?


Yes. a huge birch branch. It’s probably a weird addition, but I’m in love with it. (you’ll note that my “to-do list” is pretty cut-and-dry….) It’s from my first major tree-removal project as a home-owner – this tree here.

The tree was dying from the top-down even when I bought the house three years ago, and it just got worse and worse each year until I finally had it cut down. Being the sentimentalist that I am (har har), I decided to take a chunk of it and use it to decorate my livingroom. I think I was thinking of something like this –

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Actually, I’m still using this image as inspiration; I have high hopes to yarnbomb that sucker and do some more decorating of the branch itself. But for now I like it au naturale. And while it took me over a year to get it up there, it was pretty simple to put it up. First I found the center stud on the wall and marked it. Then I found the two flanking studs and placed large corner braces with 3″ drywall screws. I had originally intended to make sure that the branch was perfectly centered and exactly level from one end to the other, but then I woke up from the dream of perfection and just winged it. Aside from guessing-ish where I wanted the brackets on the log itself, I just placed the first bracket, then grabbed the second bracket and the branch, held the branch on the brackets, marked where it looked good for the second bracket to stay, and screwed it into the wall.


The branch is secured to the corner braces with two screws to prevent disasters. (And yes, that is a Lego unicorn on the blackboard.) I really like the black and white of the branch with the black and white of this wall. And i’m leaving the Christmas Garland up for a few more weeks. It is, after all, only January.



  1. rachel

    Thanks! I love the chalkboard for when I have the kidlets over and they need a little something fun to do. it’s kinda exciting for them, I think, to be able to color on the wall!

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