Some things are better with bacon syrup

Jessica and Jeff and Shadow

My sister and brother-in-law are amazing. Really amazing people, and lovely. Their dog too (Her name is shadow. She is super-sweet!) Jessica and Jeff just moved to a new house near Seattle/Tacoma this year, and I’m super excited to fly out to see them in April – it’s been since their wedding several years ago that I was out there last.

Jessica and Jeff have a knack for finding me bacon-related goodies too. Bacon popcorn (a little weird, but ok), a book about the love of bacon, and, most recently, a bottle of Bacon flavoring syrup – think the type of coffee syrups they have at fancy coffee shops. After getting over the initial shock and amusement at there being such a thing as bacon coffee syrup, I gave it a try and found that I love a good bacon-flavored mocha in the afternoon! It’s one of the perks of working from home – that all my kitchen is at my finger tips. And I love the ritual and simplicity of a fancy coffee in the afternoon (though perhaps I should be switching to decaf. baby steps, people.)



This is the stuff you’ll need –
espresso (a strong dose of instant coffee works well too)
some sort of hot chocolate mix (salted caramel works really well with the bacon flavor)


I heat my milk (1 cup/250-ish mL) in the microwave, and I like it SCALDING hot. Don’t boil it, though.


Froth about 1/2 of your milk. I have a little milk frother (kinda like a suped-up, super skinny french press) that I use to froth my milk. I have also used the steamer on the espresso machine, but I am too impatient to get the milk hot enough/frothy like I like it with that. I’ve also heard that the aerolatte really works super as well, and at one point I had a cheap IKEA aerolatte-type frother that I really liked.


Make up that espresso. (again, my fantastic sister pops up here. She’s responsible for my espresso machine! It’s great to have family who worked at Starbucks!) If you are using the instant coffee, mix one serving of the crystals with a tablespoon or two of hot water. you want it really concentrated.


Dump the espresso/supercoffee concentrate into your mug with that frothed milk.


Add an ounce or so of bacon syrup. I just measure it in my espresso shot glass, and I use a little less than an ounce because I’m not a super-sweet-coffee-drink type. This is enough to get the roasty-toasty taste of the bacon, though!


Put the rest of your milk into the frothing vessel and add about 1/3 to 1/2 of the recommended amount of hot chocolate mix. Again, this can be to taste, but I like less sweet and more coffee taste. Froth away!


Mix it with what you already have in your mug. I love the abstract art on the top of the milk foam, and would LOVE to learn how to put leaves and hearts in my foam. but again, Baby Steps.


Drink and enjoy! This is, of course, a pretty simple process with numerous different options for customization. I sometimes add a shot of whiskey to my bacon mocha (or, actually, bacon latte – no chocolate). And this mocha recipe works with other syrups too. Or even without. My recommendation? just go nuts! you won’t be disappointed.


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